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Start living the life you always imagined! 

I will help you find the courage to be true to yourself,
claim your freedom to choose and discover your innate power to create your own adventure.

Self-trust – the key to making it happen

Fear, anxiety and self-doubt cause mental roadblocks that stop us from
showing up as our best selves and getting what we really want.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine, that you stay cool and strong in any situation.
You are fully focused, you know what you want and why you want it
so you can say ‘yes’ with passion, clarity and certainty.

Self-trust gives you the courage to be true to yourself,
freedom to choose and power to create your own story.
You can live with meaning, abundance and be your best self.

Get inspired and empowered

An experienced speaker and trainer, Rikke speaks on personal mastery, happiness and performance. Known for her engaging and inspiring talks her audience leaves the room empowered to take action.

Get your

action plan

Together we clarify your journey, develop a detailed action plan and then we implement it. If you are serious about your personal happiness and living your dream life, then one-on-one coaching is for you.


your business

To optimise the performance of your business you the right plan, the right systems and a sustainable performance strategy so you can grow your business and outperform the competition in a sustainable way.

Online Training Courses

Anytime, anywhere.

Personal development is a lifelong process and you should have access to resources whenever and wherever you need them. Rikke delivers live online training courses regularly and is working on a whole suite of e-learning courses for Live & Lead Courageously Academy that you can access whenever you need them.