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Hire Rikke as speaker for your event

Rikke is an accomplished public speaker and she can speak from both large platforms and with small intimate groups in any format and length from TED-style talk to multi-day workshops. She engages her audience and provides the participants with empowering and actionable content no matter the format of her talk.

Speech topics

The ripple-effect of self-trust

In an uncertain, ever-changing world the ability to trust ourselves is essential. In this talk you’ll learn what makes up self-trust and how it can spread like ripples and give us the courage, freedom and power to create our own adventure.

Rikke Wend Hartung speaking at TEDxNapoli 2017 about the ripple-effect of self-trust.

Watch the ultra-short TEDxNapoli version of the talk.

How to SMASH your goals

In this talk Rikke will teach you how to create the workplace and life you really want through her proprietary positive change model SMASH. It is designed to identify what needs to change and then ensure the change is implemented.

Rikke speaking about SMASH at Intelligent Millionaire’s Network in London in June 2016.

What people say about Rikke as a speaker

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