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Growth mindset – how to turn failure into courageous learning

Growth mindset – how to turn failure into courageous learning

The pre-requisite for all personal development is the belief that we can learn through effort. This belief is the foundation for the growth mindset.

Our mindset frames our thoughts and feelings so when we change our mindset we also change our way of seeing things. The view of ourself that we adopt has a profound influence on the actions we take and the results we get.

Neuroscience has shown us that the brain is like a muscle and the more we challenge it, the stronger it will grow. This growth happens in the learning zone. The closer to our panic zone we are, the more we learn.

Being out of our comfort zone is scary. This is where performance coaching can really help you.

Through our coaching sessions you will:

  • gain clarity
  • get laser-focused on what you really want
  • increase your self-awareness, self-trust and self-confidence
  • grow your resilience and resourcefulness
  • learn how to apply the SMASH positive change model and other useful tools
  • discover how to be happy and joyful through it all.

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